The name or term Treadshot refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Treadshot (disambiguation).
Treadshot is a Decepticon from the Universe conflict.
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Hailing from an undetermined universe, Treadshot was once the friend and rival to his universe's Ultra Magnus. But when the war broke out, the two took opposing sides, with Treadshot joining the Decepticons. His "betrayal" hit Ultra Magnus hard, and now the two are engaged in a bloody duel, both neglecting orders whenever the chance to smash the other comes around.

He is partnered with the Mini-Con Nightbeat.



  • Ultra Magnus with Over-Run vs. Treadshot with Nightbeat (Battle in a Box, 2004)
Treadshot is a retooling of the Armada Side Swipe toy, transforming into Nissan Skyline sedan. His Mini-Con partner Nightbeat can store in a flip-out section of the back end of Treadshot's vehicle mode. Pressing down on the sigil plate in vehicle mode swings his car hood halves forward in a spring-loaded attack (or "dragster mode"). These hood parts end up on his arms in robot mode, giving him a spring-loaded attack in that mode. Attaching Nightbeat (or any other Mini-Con mold) to the Powerlinx plug on his back activates a "punching" action gimmick in his left arm.
He was only available as part of a "Battle in a Box" multi-pack along with Universe Ultra Magnus, Over-Run, and Nightbeat. This set was only available in "market six" stores like Kohl's.
This retooled mold was also used to make Universe Oil Slick, while a more extensively-retooled version was used to make Cybertron Runamuck.

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