The triangle formation is a military tactic employed by reeeeeally smart Transformers!
Triangle formation

There will be no dodecahedron formations in THIS unit.

When you've got three military jets to play with, it's hard to know how you're supposed to arrange them all. Do you put them in a straight line? Send them in opposite directions? Tie them into a big bow tie? Crash them into each other?

Fortunately, countless years of warfare and a military doctrine which emphasizes air superiority have enabled the Decepticons to uncover what may be the ultimate in three-man formation flying: the triangle formation. Consisting of one jet with two jets nearby (above or below and/or possibly behind), the triangle formation allows all three participants to fire on a target at the same time, and not crash into each other. Ground-breaking!


Dreamwave Generation One comic continuity

Thundercracker and Skywarp may or may not have wanted to go their own way, but Starscream knew better: he commanded them to remain in the potent and nigh-invulnerable triangle formation.

He was right, too. This subtle and many-layered stratagem enabled the Seekers to fire missiles at Superion, breaking him into his component Aerialbots.

Fear the triangle, baby. That's why Starscream is Air Commander.

Seriously, there's like, no other reason for Megatron to keep him around. Prime Directive, Part 4

Cybertron cartoon continuity

The Cybertron Defense Team makes use of a stunningly genius variant of the triangle, by forming a triangle around their opponent (in this case, the Gigantion rebel Menasor) and then shooting inward all at the same time with all the might of their stock footage integrated weaponry. Scourge

Surrounding one's opponent? BRILLIANT!!!

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