Turboworms are an alien lifeform in Generation One

Turboworm wrestling is a particularly macabre form of entertainment native to Rigel 6. For the price of an admission, spectators get a dose of unadulterated carnage served up courtesy of the Grease-pits.

The term 'Grease-pits' is generally associated with mechanoid blood sports, so Turboworms are probably mechanical lifeforms. Alternately, the sport could feature mechanoids wrestling the dangerous Turboworms.


Marvel Comics continuity

Prior to the Ark's launch 4 million years ago, Grimlock and Sludge saw turboworms wrestle on Rigel 6. The dim-witted Sludge thought the proceedings quite fun, but Grimlock had a noticably more chilled response to the pointless slaughter, merely calling it interesting.

Much later on Earth, Sludge was reminded of the turboworms when he witnessed Trypticon's assault on the disabled Autobot forces. Again, Grimlock was less enthusiastic at the carnage. Marvel US #27

Snarl reminded Grimlock about admission fees for turboworm wrestling, but a later Letters Page indicated only Grimlock and Sludge had been present. Possibly Snarl was just needling Grimlock.

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