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This article is about Ultra Trion in the Universe series. For Ultra Magnus in G1 Continuity, see Ultra Magnus (G1).
Ultra Trion is an Autobot from the Universe war.

Ultra Magnus or Alpha Trion?

Ultra Trion is one of the two known living Autobots that had survived Megazarak's decimation of Cybertron in an alternate universe. (Defensor is the other known living Autobot.) He is the keeper of an artifact called Oracle.


3H Universe comicsEdit

Megazarak ferreted out to search for the Oracle, which he believed would give him the location of Base Sigma, the last sanctuary of Autobots.

Ultra Trion, the keeper of the Oracle, stood up to Megazarak and made his last stand. Megazarak had no hard time killing him. However, it turned out that Ultra Trion was just a decoy and the Oracle had been moved, buying the Autobot resistance a little more time. Shell Game


He can't deal with Megazarak.


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