Undertow is a Decepticon Commander from the Power Core Combiners series.


Undertow was stupid and mean even before the Power Core process turned him into a Combiner. He hates folks who think they’re smart, and now he has more than enough power to smash those guys to pieces.


  • Undertow with Waterlog (Commander, 2011)
Released as part of the fifth wave of Power Core Combiners toyline, Undertow transforms into a speed boat shaped like a catamaran with two huge Gatling guns on the port and starboard side. His Mini-Con partner, Undertow, transforms into a cannon that can sit on the cockpit. In humanoid mode, he has the two Gatling guns mounted on his arms, and his combiner head looks like a 19th century diver's helmet.
Undertow transforms into a weapon or armour.

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