This article is about the secret society in Beast Era of the Generation One continuity family. For the race of Transformers from Beast Wars Neo, see Blendtron.
This article is about the secret society in Cybertronian society during Beast Era. For the Transformers who serve or are reformatted by Unicron from different universe in Transformers: Universe, see Minion of Unicron.

The term "Unicron's Spawn" refers to a secret society formed by those who were created by Unicron, the Dark God and Chaos Bringer. They have infiltrated into many divisions of Cybertron's society in the Beast Era. They are waiting for the right time to wage a war against the Cybertronians, the children of Unicron's enemy Primus, including the Autobots, Decepticons, Maximals, and Predacons. Their ultimate goal is to see the return of their master, Unicron.[1]

Possible Spawn


  • According to Bob Forward, originally Megatron's line about "Unicron's spawn" was not intended to be fact but, instead, an insult, roughly equivalent to how useless flesh creatures may metaphorically deride each others' parentage. However, the line developed a life of its own, much like Terrorsaur's line about "the dark side". Eventually the connection was reasserted in 3H Productions' "Primeval Dawn" storyline - even though there is no story evidence that Megatron actually knew of Tarantulas' connection to Unicron when he made the comment.


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