Titanium Series

Titanium RM Unicron
  • Unicron (3" Robot Master, 2006)
    • Accessories: Decepticon stand
Part of the very first wave of Titanium Series "Robot Masters" figurines, Unicron is a 3-inch tall figurine made partially of die-cast metal, with movable arms. One hand holds what seems to be a moon (or he's going bowling).

Universe (2008)

  • Unicron (Supreme, 2008)
    • Accessories: 6 missiles, giant chest-missile
As a Toys-R-Us exclusive, he is straight repack of Armada Unicron with no changes whatsoever in paint detailing, even retaining the Armada release's product code. As with all Unicron products produced by Hasbro since Cybertron Unicron, he is placed in the Decepticon faction.

Transformers 2010

  • Unicron (2010)
    • Accessories: 6 missiles, giant chest-missile
This model is apparently going to be a redeco of the Armada model — but reportedly with a newly sculpted head and a bigger chest-missile. It's color pattern should match more closely the G1 movie version.
At the time of this writing, TakaraTomy declared every other gimmick of the previous Armada version of this toy would be present in this 2010 Unicron.

Generation 1

  • Unicron (Supreme, 2010)
    • Accessories: 6 missiles, giant chest-missile, minicon Kranix
This model is a repaint of the Armada model with a newly sculpted head, base on his Generation 1 character model, and a bigger chest-missile. It's color scheme is also based on The Transformers: The Movie version.

Transformers (2010)


Unicron (Amazon 2011 version)

  • Unicron (Supreme, 2011)
    • Accessories: 6 missiles, giant chest-missile, Mini-Con Kranix
The toy is a redeco of TakaraTomy's 2010 Unicron release. It comes with the Mini-Con Kranix. The toy is exclusive to
Its color scheme match even more closely to The Transformers: The Movie version than the Takara 2010 version.

Hard Hero

  • Unicron (BotCon 2002)
HHUnicron statue
It was a huge cold-cast porcelain statue based upon the cartoon design of Unicron.
It was originally a BotCon 2002 exclusive.

Art Asylum

  • Unicron Movie Statue (Diamond Select, 2007)
AAUnicron statue
This statue of Unicron stands 8 ½” tall and is limited to 1,986 pieces (as in 1986, the year the original Transformers movie was released). It also features a smaller statue of Hot Rod standing upon the centerpiece holding the Matrix aloft. Oddly enough, Hot Rod is in his toy colours.

Robot Heroes

Robot Hero Unicron
  • Optimus Prime vs. Unicron (2007)
Based on a cartoon-ified version of his The Transformers: The Movie model, Unicron's entry in the Robot Heroes line comes packed with a Matrix-brandishing Optimus Prime.

Unproduced Unicron toys

  • Generation One Hasbro
An unproduced toy for Unicron was to have been released in Generation One. It was a blue and yellow robot about one foot tall and was able to transform into a planet. It was to have come with a voice chip, and a "planet microphone" to allow owners to speak through the toy. It also would have had a gun that became a stand for the planet mode and a blue "shield" that unfolded and covered the yellow part of his chest in planet mode. It bears an uncanny physical resemblance to Orson Welles. This toy was only shown on display at BotCon 1996, but was not fully transformed to avoid breaking it. One arm was still extended for the planet mode, while the other had the shoulder halfway down the chest (the picture at right has corrected this with the magic of photoshop). Also, the main body extends in the middle to give Unicron a less ball-shaped body.
Though the prototype had the tallest robot-mode at the time of its planned release, it was ultimately shorter than Fortress Maximus.
  • Generation One Takara
Takara was to release a toy similar to Hasbro's attempt, but it was green and yellow, possessing different paint applications and molding. It also was to come with a base that set up a "planetary system" with Unicron and a moon that did... something. So far, this has been shown only through Takara print materials.
  • Beast Wars Neo
Takara tried again to produce a Unicron toy during Beast Wars Neo (as the character figured prominently to the endings of both the cartoon and manga), only going as far as the resin prototype stage before canceling it. It was said to be around the size of "Optimal Optimus", and had several gimmicks, such as an opening mouth when the horns were squeezed, and a claw and a drill that were stored in the planet "shell" in robot mode. One hardcopy was shown at the Tokyo Toy Fair. Fans attempted to lobby for an unassembled, unpainted, and likely one-color "garage kit" version of the toy, but this never came to be... probably because the cost per unit would have been several hundred dollars.
Interestingly enough, neither the cartoon nor manga version of Neo Unicron looked like the toy.

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