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The Unicron of Light (光のユニクロン Hikari no Yunikuron) is a glowing, emerald colored entity in the shape of Unicron and formed by many Mini-cons.


Armada cartoon

The Unicron of Light was formed to combat Unicron when he was about to deliver the final blow to the already severely damaged Cybertron.


Micron Legend

  • Hikari no Unicron (campaign prize item)
    • Accessories: Chest missile, 6 leg missiles
GreenUnicron yearbook

If you want this, you'll be SEEING GREEN ah ha ha.

The Hikari no Unicron toy is a redeco of Armada Unicron in an emerald, light green, blue, and white color-scheme. This Unicron was the prize for a lucky-draw contest in Japan. Only 10 pieces were released.

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