Union Transportation is a business in the Masterforce portion of the Generation One continuity family.
Union transportation

Yeah, we got a great big convoy...

Union Transportation is an American trucking company. Ginrai and several of his friends all ran cargo for Union Transportation.

UT employees include:


Masterforce cartoon

Hydra and Buster targeted trucks from Ginrai's line, Union Transportation, in order to flush him out. They used a combination of their Deathball-equipped jets and a giant big-rig to force truckers into accidents. Five trucks were destroyed and their owners killed, including Billy, Cougar and Dan. Ginrai: God On of Rage!!

Associated Characters

Cougar and Dan

Cougar and dan

I'm betting Cougar is the one on the left.

Cougar and Dan were among the first drivers attacked by Hydra and Buster. Buster's jet buzzed them, then swung back around to demolish them with a Deathball. Note: Their names most likely derive from Dancougar, the animation produced by Ashi Productions. The company also participated in Toei's Japanese Transformers animation.

Cougar and Dan were targeted because they worked for Union Transportation.

(Note: Comments by various parties indicated that all the destroyed trucks were red like Ginrai's, yet Cougar and Dan's was clearly blue. Additionally, there's some confusion about the number of dead truckers (given as 5) vs. the number of wrecks (also given as 5, despite Cougar and Dan being in the same truck).)


  • Given the company name, they are all almost certainly Teamsters.

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