With Transformers being such a popular brand with a well-spread-out fan base, numerous unofficial conventions have sprung up over the years, often featuring many guests who worked on official Transformers projects.


  • BotCon 2004
    • June 19-20 2004 - Pasadena, California. Yes, there was an unofficial BotCon.
  • Dairycon

  • Iacon One
    • July 7-8 2006 - Grand Wayne Convention Center, Fort Wayne, Indiana.

  • TFcon
    • TransformersCon 2002: November 10th - Hamilton, Ontario
    • TransformersCon 2003: June 22nd - Burlington, Ontario
    • TransformersCon 2004: March 12th - 13th - Toronto, Ontario
    • TransformersCon 2005: March 25th - 26th - Toronto, Ontario
    • TransformersCon 2006: April 28th - 29th - Toronto, Ontario
    • TransformersCon 2007: April 27th - 28th - Toronto, Ontario
    • TFcon 2008: June 20th - 21st - Toronto, Ontario

  • Transcon
    • Transcon II: July 1997 - Chicago, IL.
    • Transcon III: September 1998 - Toledo, OH.
(Held simultaneously with "Microcon", a Microman convention, and "Megocon".)

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