The Upstart is a Decepticon spaceship from the Timelines portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

If you upstart me up I'll never stop.

With the Decepticon fleet a shambles after the Powerlinx Battles, small dropships like the Upstart are the best ships the Decepticons seeking the Cyber Planet Keys can come up with. Although it's equipped with a Transwarp drive, it doesn't boast much else in the way of amenities, and the crew is forced to hole up in the cargo hold.

Its crew consists of:



Megatron dispatched Brushguard and a ragtag crew of Decepticon warriors on the Upstart on a mission to locate one of the lost Cyber Planet Keys. After some searching (and a lot of getting on each others' nerves), they located the colony world of Combatron - just as the Autobots of the Spanner found it. After Brushguard and his underlings found and subsequently lost a massive cache of weapons on Combatron, the Upstart was stolen by the Mini-Cons Skysickle and Grip-Lock and commandeered by the crew of the destroyed Spanner, who used it to flee the planet. The Upstart's original crew was left stranded on Combatron. Force of Habit


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