Adorable vehicon by geniesmartass-d4ygdxf

I am Steve! Not Vehicon!

Steve is a Vehicon, though not may members of the fandom refer some of the clumsy vehicons as "Steve." One of the most notable occurrences of Steve is the Vehicon that got slapped by Starscream in Sick Mind. Actually, people like to refer every clumsy Vehicon as Steve. Like the Trooper, who Megatron threw off the Nemesis when Smokescreen took the Omega Keys in Inside Job. It is believed that Steve was helping to build Cybertron up in Predacons Rising. The Trooper was carryng a column and accidentally slammed a Vehicon and the Vehicon fell down, soon followed by another one. Steve is just the random Vehicon who would always do something funny that makes the fandom love him.

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