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    A message from Megatron.

    August 11, 2010 by (Megatron

    Attention Insects of the Wiki. It is I, Megatron.

    I am talking to all of you.

    I am writing to you insects to inform you that I, Megatron, will soon return. All Autobots should beware and tread lightly, for my revenge will be swift and terrible! And I have something special for Optimus Prime, the most reprehensible of them all. But who am I, you're asking? It is typical of your species to ignore Decepticon genius. Soon the world will all know and shudder at the name of MEGATRON!!!!


    Hmm, that doesn't sound as menacing when you type it. Oh well.

    Who among you is with me? You can join me now, and escape the impending peril! Give me your hands and tell me your schemes for how I, Megatron, can rule the universe and destroy t…

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