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Transformers: A New Generation

Transformers: A New Generation' is a planned fan-film to the Transformers franchise that will soon be in production. It will be the fan-film sequel to Transformers: Dirge of Pheonix, a fan-film User: Anthony Marsh, Jr 's brother Austin Marsh is producing, writing, and directing, while Marsh, Jr is consulting and directing A New Generation. This fan-film was influenced by the live-action Transformers film trilogy directed by Michael Bay, the War for Cybertron video game, and the original 1980s cartoon of Transformers (mainly based on the series' first two seasons, splicing it with new storylines, and custom robots for the franchise's fanbase.

Cast of Characters


  • Rider Strong as Spike Witwicky , one of the franchise's most known human protagonists from the cartoon.
  • Seth Green as Chip Chase , a computer wiz.
  • Isabel Lucas as Carly Miller-Spencer, Spike's love interest from the cartoon.



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