My name is Devin and I am one of the biggest transformers in my area. I live in Nebraska, and ppl that are as big of fans as me are hard to find and everyone else sees it as an obsession. So what if i have 20 some transformers revenge of the fallen toys, 3 books (one is the bible), 2 video games, seasons 1-4 of G1, and 3 movies ( 2 Michael Bays, and the animated movie). I'm joining this website in hopes of conversing with fellow transformers fans and expanding my knowledge on transformers. I do have an Xbox 360 and that is what i play my transformers games on, if someone needs a good player to play hard on war for cybertron send me a request at DEVISTATOR8989 & yes i know it is spelled wrong its how i like it spelled, and its not referenced to the constructicon devastator. well thats my little rant for now hope to get more messages out soon.

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