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  • Dirtbag Daryl

    I'm sickened. I'm disgusted. I'm angered. I'm saddened. I'm in need of your help.

    This is unacceptable. I am fully aware the fellow who uploaded it is not the soul-less bastard who did it, so don't mention it.

    Back to the point, these two men burned an innocent creature that was only a week old. The fact this video is still on Youtube sickens me. It was running around in fear, feeling nothing but excruciating pain, letting out loud yelps hoping someone might save it. It then lets out one last cry before dying. It's unbelievable. In a way, we're doing justice for the poor animal. Hopefully some day, the heartless asses who did this will suffer of life in prison, or better yet, torture. Please, fellow wikia users, help me get rid of this filth…

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