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    G1 Bumblebee Thoughts

    October 19, 2012 by Eboyboy


    My thoughts Despite his popularity, I don't really enjoy him very much. He often got beat up and what he does is far less and interesting than the others like Optimus and Ironhide. Him teaming up with Spike to form a crime fighting duo after the war is just weird and does not do it for me.

    Fanon Stuff

    I always sees Chapter 6 of War for Cybertron as Bumblebee's origin of joining the team. I also like the personailty in it far more than any version of him. At one point, Bumblebee is captured and tortured by the Decepticons and became a mute. This is how I view the story: Bumblebee was leading a scout squad but was ambushed by a Constructicon named Gravedigger. He was sent to Kaon and was interrogated by Soundwave. He refused… Read more >