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Megatron Growling Live Action Films

Gekkou30 March 22, 2012 User blog:Gekkou30

Here's a question. What was all those growling noises that Megatron was doing in the Live Action Films? What? Was he trying to sound more frightening with his lion/tiger growls and roars. I mean he was scary enough as it is. He didn't have to sound all beastly like.

It's just that Vigo guy in Ghostbusters 2 movie. They build he character up as all imposing and powerful and when Vigo appears near the end of the movie. He comes out growling and snarling like some cougar or jaguar creature. That wasn't needed in the film.

How come the other Decepticons growl like Megatron. Hugo Weaving was already making Megatron sound intimadating. They didn't need the lion like growling sounds. I don't remeber the other version of him growling and snarling like some animal.

So what was the point to it?

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