Recently had a birthday party for my son who turned 3. It was a mad evening, and fun was had by all. In the ensuing chaos that parties invariably become when a larger than normal proportion of friends and family members cohabitate a single space, I lost track of who gave my son what for his special day. I'm a moderate to advanced superhero fan, but I dont really collect the action figures, my kids are into them, so I actively encourage purchases in this regard, given that a lot of the characters that my kids are interested in, I share an interest given my early salad days in comic collecting. The following day we did a stock-take of the previous nights haul, and surprisingly, we ended up with a Wrestling figure! I'm not a fan of Wrestling, I think it's a little weird, but each to their own. Anyway, not wanting to encourage this form of collecting, I identified that this particular fellow could be, if one was so inclined, repainted, added to, molded, shaped etc into none other than Lucas Bishop of X-men fame! But not the recent modern version, the 90s version, blue costume, red scarf, mullet version! Never done this before. Went to a hardware store today (it's a public holiday...) purchased some acetone, paint and some brushes, and the toy is already ming blue! I used acetone to remove the original paint on this characters boots, they were a silver colour, not any more, I also used masking tape on areas like it's head and arms, the mullet was annoying to tape up, but I managed this with a bit of effort. I;ve read here and there, that spraying is better than brushing for large areas ,and I can already attest to this, while the application of the pain was ok, it sticks ok, you can see the brushstrokes. Oh well nothing ventured nothing gained! It's my first attempt at a repaint/kitbash, so I'll see how i go!

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