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Fall of Cybertron is out! High Moon Studios has made a bunch of changes and we would love to hear what you think about the game. Along those lines then, let's compare this new game with War for Cybertron , it's predecessor. If you have gotten a chance to play both, how do you think the two games measure up against each other?
Fall of Cybertron
War for Cybertron
Weapons More options don't always mean better options. That being said, Fall of Cybertron has many of the same weapons from the previous game, along with some amazing additions, like the A4 Pulsar Cannon, the Chaos Rift Combustor, and the Gear Shredder.
Which game has a better weaponry?

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Of course War for Cybertron set the bar with thirteen different guns, four grenade types, and two turret heavy weapons. Additionally, each weapon has its own way of balancing and honing weapons. For some, War for Cybertron may better capture combat in Transformers.
Multiplayer Fall of Cybertron tweaks the multiplayer experience quite a bit. Character creation now allows players to create their own autobots and decepticons from scratch with various pieces and paint jobs. Additionally, the Scientist returns as a class option, along with the Infiltrator, Destroyer, and Titan.
Which game has a better multiplayer?

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War for Cybertron includes several multiplayer modes including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Conquest, and variations on Capture the Flag and Power Struggle. Scout, Scientist, Leader, and Soldier make up the available character classes.
Story Fall of Cybertron continues immediately where War for Cybertron left off. Here, the Fall is complete and the tragic arc comes to fruition. For some, the build up is more interesting than the conclusion.
Which game has a better multiplayer?

The poll was created at 18:03 on August 23, 2012, and so far 208 people voted.
Developers High Moon Studios worked closely with Hasbro in both games to establish a compelling story line set before the Transformers made their way to earth. Set early in the civil war, War for Cybertron follows both the autobots and decepticons and explores how Optimus Prime became a powerful leader.
Characters Fall of Cybertron brings back many of the same characters from the previous game. However, more importantly, it delves deep into Transformers lore and brings back the Dinobots.
Which game has a better cast of characters?

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For one reason or another, not all the characters in War for Cybertron appear in its sequel. This game includes Barricade, Skywarp, Scattershot, and others.

Of course all games must be measured by the sum of their parts. Regardless of which game surppasses which according to various in-game features, they all have to come together to make an entertaining experience. From the aesthetics to the adherence to lore, each game can be measured on it's own. Which game do you prefer and why? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

Which Transformers game do you prefer?

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