There's no doubt that Michael Bay is one heck of a action movie director. With three Transformers flims under his belt as well as other blockbusters like Armageddon and Pearl Harbor, he is the king of summer action flicks where cars, planes, and miscellaneous objects blow up. If you've already seen Transformers: Dark of the Moon, were you impressed by the awesome, one-of-a-kind special effects? Or were you actually thinking that it looked pretty similar to his other films, since cars blowing up...are well, cars blowing up? If you were in the latter group, you're spot-on.

Cinema Blend reports that apparently, Michael Bay took an intense freeway chase scene from The Island, one of his less successful summer films, and planted it in Transformers! The freeway chase scene with the robots? Not at all made specially in 3-D for this movie!

Watch the clip below of the same scene from two movies and tell us what you think! Does it affect how you feel about the movie? Or was the lack of Megan Fox just too distracting?



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