• KenBlackwell

    ... does anyone here truly think that the War for Cybertron game and Transformers: Prime are connected? I mean, seriously? Because I don't buy it. AT ALL.

    I look at this site and I see pictures of the Autobots and Decepticons in their WfC incarnations and I see (Prime) in front of their names and this just grates at me. And this is why... WAR FOR CYBERTRON AND PRIME ARE TWO ENTIRELY DIFFERENT CONTINUITIES!!

    It's pretty much confirmed that War For Cybertron is more tied to the G1 continuity than Prime. The creators of the game themselves say so. Whoever else said that WfC is a prequel to Prime was wrong and the administrator here who's heading this site believed them. And quite frankly... if this site continues to say that WfC is the prequel …

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