First blog here, and because I touch the fanfiction world once in a while, I figure it would be a good idea for me to see the fandom with more than just the eyes of a kid who grew up on the Unicron Trilogy and the series since.

I've seen G1 and the Beast era as well, and I am trying to look up Robots in Disguise. These series, as have the Trilogy, Prime, Movieverse and Animated that followed, all introduced good ideas, bad ideas and reinvented ideas.

However, I can never really stick to just one era....

What are the best parts of each universe that should be retained if one wants to write a story with elements from each verse?

Eg of thoughts to help me brainstorm and some of my own opinions

G1 I like the idea of their energy search Combiners: I think that idea is very interesting

Beast Sparks The idea of the Beast groups existing Megatron's voice Waspinator

Robots in Disguise (Did I mention I just started watching episode 1?, so I got nothing)

Trilogy I'm a fan of this era's Starscream Megatron's Noble Demon traits at times Hotshot Demolisher

Animated Sari and the general idea of human-transformer hybrids The idea of human threats

Prime The Optimus here Their Decepticon's efficency and origin story for Megatron

Got any recommendations?

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