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Transformers: In the Beginning

Transformers: In the Beginning…..However, the opposition, known in Cybertron as the Autobots who were committed to the teachings, principles, and beliefs of Vector Sigma, led by a direct descendant of the Primes, Commander Optimus Prime, also one of the elected Cybertronian rulers, tried to stop Megatron and put a roadblock on their plans. After Megatron and the Decepticons managed to locate the Allspark, war again engulfed the planet. The Decepticons, despite first locating the Allspark initially, failed to have it in their absolute control because they could not manage to get into the ultimate chamber where it was hidden. Ultimately, the Autobots, through their manifest connections with the Quintesson and Vector Sigma, and their pure will to fight for good, freedom, liberty, tolerance, and justice, managed to outsmart the Decepticons and finally were able to get into the chamber and lay their hands first on the Allspark. The Autobots, fearing that the Allspark would fall on Decepticon hands as they moved and closed in on them, moved the Allspark and launched it into space with the intent of searching for it and locating it later on. Upon learning receiving intelligence reports of this, Megatron followed the trajectory of the Allspark and followed it to the far reaches of space...

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