• NashX

    Techno-Organic is the next step of Evolution for Cybertronians and Humanity.

    A Theory about Beast War

    The Great Upgrade is a first phase initiated by humanity and whole of Cybertronian(hundreds of years after the end of most series before Beast Wars). But the 2nd phase was halted by Decepticon remnant(somehow) and tech-org was buried deep beneath Cybertron for safekeeping or something.

    Well, the theory is, Transformer and humanity merge as a species to ensure each other survivability. Reason for humanity; their fragile fleshling form is too vulnerable to expand to Galactic stage and needed the technology to do it.

    Reason for Cybertronians; the Autobot/Decepticon war was about Energon and control of their planet. After sometime, they realize th…

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