Techno-Organic is the next step of Evolution for Cybertronians and Humanity.

A Theory about Beast War

The Great Upgrade is a first phase initiated by humanity and whole of Cybertronian(hundreds of years after the end of most series before Beast Wars). But the 2nd phase was halted by Decepticon remnant(somehow) and tech-org was buried deep beneath Cybertron for safekeeping or something.

Well, the theory is, Transformer and humanity merge as a species to ensure each other survivability. Reason for humanity; their fragile fleshling form is too vulnerable to expand to Galactic stage and needed the technology to do it.

Reason for Cybertronians; the Autobot/Decepticon war was about Energon and control of their planet. After sometime, they realize that their current format consume a lot of energon and in order to ensure their survivability of their species and planet(huge amount of energon needed to revive the landscape), they need consume energon at a more, highly efficient manner.

Thus, after countless debate, they decide to merge the two species and develop techno-org. I was thinking along the line of humanity willing themselves to be melted down to techno-org component(ala LCL of Evangelion) in order to physically merge with the cybers(lets face it, there's no way for us to put our junk in a femme). But once we melted down and waited for the Cyber to take the goo and use it on themselve for the upgrade, Decepticon remnant sealed the entire stock of techno-org under Cybertron. Having upgrade themselve into a new format (smaller version) the Autobot cannot find the techno-org stockpile on Cybertron. The Golden Disk is the only record on where to find the humans needed for the upgrades.

I know its a bit confusing, but that's the basic idea of my theory.

Lets discuss this alright?

--NashX 19:32, July 4, 2011 (UTC)

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