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April 10, 2015
  • I live in The Halls of Erebor
  • My occupation is Ruling the World!
  • OptimusMine01

    I've been on the wiki for a while, plus I got 504 edits. So can someone automatically give me the ones I don't have to do? since I already did them...

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  • OptimusMine01

    Im pretty sure you guys read my last post about how articles are a joke...well, since nobody was doing what I asked them too, I am doing it myself. So far I have rewritten all of the jokes, and un-serious information on captions and pages and re-written them into serious content.I am doing tons of editing, but I cant do it alone, can anybody please try to help me? You don't have to, it's just that it will take a while.

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  • OptimusMine01

    Sorry, Moviejunky....

    February 24, 2016 by OptimusMine01

    Sorry everybody for accusing moviejunky, and, moviejunky, I hope there are no hard feelings, but, either way, somebody did plagiarize these pages anyway. i will try to revise them. Again, sorry everyone!

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  • OptimusMine01

    I notice...the horrible truth. There are only 3-4 active users on here...and I happen to be one of them. FortressMaximus and Me are the only ones that contribute to the wiki daily. FortressMaximus, however, continues to edit the SAME pages...all the time. So I am basically the only one making new pages...I fear that eventually...even I will give up that this wiki is dieing. I think... in order to get this server back into it's golden stage, we need to elect a new admin, or even a owner. I notice that our admins moved over to Well, obviously we need some new ones. Ok, I know this may sound greedy, but I want to be an admin...or owner for that purpose, anyways...yes...we have two options. Either get some new admins or start inv…

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  • OptimusMine01

    Ok, WOW. I'm looking at these images in articles, and All I see are jokes and puns for the captions. Come on, make this SERIOUS. Nobody is going to take this wiki seriously if the captions say jokes and funny lines! I enjoy the humor, but, really. Can we just make them more serious? I notice that the grammar wasn't that serious either. I went on several other wiki's, and this is seriously the only one that has un-serious captions underneath. not to mention that the writing and grammar also has jokes in it also.


    Yeah. That's what im talking about. Not to mention that's only TWO out of the hundreds of un-serious photos on this wiki.

    So please, try to make pages more serious. I'm trying to do it myself, but it takes a while, and their …

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