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Are Articles here a JOKE?

Ok, WOW. I'm looking at these images in articles, and All I see are jokes and puns for the captions. Come on, make this SERIOUS. Nobody is going to take this wiki seriously if the captions say jokes and funny lines! I enjoy the humor, but, really. Can we just make them more serious? I notice that the grammar wasn't that serious either. I went on several other wiki's, and this is seriously the only one that has un-serious captions underneath. not to mention that the writing and grammar also has jokes in it also.



"You're so weak!" "Then why have I spent this whole fight kicking your butt—"*BOOM* "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!


Optimus's first attempt at bungee jumping didn't end well.

Yeah. That's what im talking about. Not to mention that's only TWO out of the hundreds of un-serious photos on this wiki.

So please, try to make pages more serious. I'm trying to do it myself, but it takes a while, and their are hundreds, no, almost THOUSANDS of pages that need to be more serious. This wiki has a bit over 8,000 pages, and let's make sure their worth reading.

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