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aka Jake

  • I live in Carlsbad
  • I was born on August 4
  • My occupation is Vons Courtesy Clerk
  • I am male
  • Otherside86

    Disaster Unit

    March 29, 2014 by Otherside86

    When watching Rescue Bots, I was thinking that there should be a Decepticon team who plays opposite to the Rescue Bots. I call them "The Disaster Unit". They are specialized in causing destruction.

    • Disaster (The Leader)
    • Inferno (Pyrotechnics)
      Autobot Opponent: Heatwave
    • Swindle (Professional Thief)
      Autobot Opponent: Chase
    • Roadblock (Thrasher)
      Autobot Opponent: Boulder
    • Thrust (Air Support)
      Autobot Opponent: Blades
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