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It's recently been reported that Hasbro boss Brian Goldner has already begun discussions with Paramount about a potential fourth installment of the Transformers film franchise. The CEO has been working hard on the behalf of the toy company to get Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg involved for another movie, hoping that he will have news to share with the public come next quarter.
Battleship-rihanna-jpg 288x288 Rihanna shooting guns at aliens. What's going on?

We've all speculated that a fourth Transformers movie would be in the works, so the most interesting part of Goldner's announcements were the other Hasbro toy-based films he's trying to get made. Although he made it clear that Hasbro will never produce its own movies, a la Marvel, it seems as though the toy manufacturers have gone movie crazy after the success of Transformers. As you may know, Battleship comes out in 2012, but Goldner also mentioned potential movies based the the Ouija Board, Monopoly, Candyland, Stretch Armstrong, Micronauts, and Risk.

Apparently, JJ Abrams is involved with the Micronauts script, John Hlavin (The Shield writer) is involved with the Risk script, and the Candyland movie is "being designed as Lord of the Rings with candy" [1].

A toy car that turns into a fighting robot seems like logical inspiration for a film, and this proved true, but board games? I think they're going a bit overboard. Everyone talks about the lack of originality in Hollywood, but seriously, Ouija the movie?

Which Hasbro movie would you rather see?

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