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  • Prowl king

    Cause of death: in addition to Prowl Brawn Ratchet and Ironhide was killed in a shuttle was supposed to go on a mission on the planet Cybertron. The Decepticon ambused the ship and killed the four Autobot within. By only one shot, which occurred by Scavenger of the Constructicons Prowl killed Sonny van der Heijden the Prowlfan is angry at the drafter of the Transformers G1. Sonny says: "" he has done, he intentionally knew that I was a fan of PROWL and he habitually. "" And as an excuse, he says: "my dear transfan, we are here today to pay respect to those heroes who have given their lives so that others instead. The passing of the heroic Autobot and Decepticon on Evil. "'Daarom I designed my own Autobot PROWL. I heard that the Japanese we…

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