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SpielbergTransformers pic

Steven Spielberg, producer of Transformers, Transformers: RoTF, & Transformers:DotM


A pic. from the Transformers: War for Cybertron video game.

All of us know of 'em for the old toons, comics, live-action films, and/or hasbro toys. Now that the third installment is out there has been many, many rumors about a fourth one. Well, Steven Spielberg("Saving Private Ryan", "E.T.", "Tintin", "Transformers" producer) announced that if there is going to be a fourth movie that he would be in the director seat for this one. Michael Bay(Director TF, TF:RoTF,& TF:DotM) and Shai LaBeouf(Sam TF, TF:RoTF,& TF:DotM) admitted that this were their last Transformers movie.

I believe that they'll either A)get a new "Sam" B)it'll be a movie about just the Autobot-Decepticon War/Fight or whatever, C)Be a prequel about the Cybertranian War or D)Fuck Up the movie!

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