firstly i was wiki user origanaly but then i made a account.

these are all the things that i made/edited.

Wheeljack (Prime) ‎ (→fall of cybertron)
Wheeljack (Prime) ‎ (→Notes)
Wheeljack (Prime) ‎ (→Fiction)
Tailgate (Prime) ‎ (Created page with "300px Write the text of your article here! Tailgate was Arcees partner on cybertron.Arcee was captured by Airachnid and Arcee was interegated and go...")
Onslaught (WFC) ‎ (→War for Cybertron game)
Cliffjumper (Prime) ‎
Cliffjumper (Prime) ‎
Cliffjumper (Prime) ‎
Slipstream (WFC) ‎ (→Note)

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