I've got this news out of clips on YOUTUBE, so it's not confirmed.

My news:

New figures:

-A Autobot group called 'the wreckers'.

-The ferrari 458 Italia is named Rush, according to a clip on YOUTUBE confirmed on M.bay's blog.

-Rollbar, a monstertruck.

This figures have taken a new alt-mode or look:

-Bumblebee transforms into a Datsun, and as Camaro he has a more sportive look.

-Skidz and Mudflap might be not in the movie, but ther are seen two little cars, having a black paint and racing stripes that have the same colors as the paint jobs of thier alt-modes in the ROTF movie

-Optimus gets a Trailer, just like his G1 counterpart.'Awesome!!!!'

-Ratchet has a new paint job, with a 'E3' logo on the side.

-Sideswipe seems to be a Cabrio in the new movie.

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