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    Hey guys, I'm here to ask a question. No I'm not saying they should get rid of Optimus and Megatron instead, I'm here to ask a question that ran through my mind.

    In almost all Transformer shows, the two main characters, the leader of the good guys and the big bad, are Optimus and Megatron respectively. I'm wondering, would a show where they aren't the immediate center of attention work?

    Think of it this way, the Autobot/Decepticon war, is suppose to be cosmic in scale, spanning many worlds and many combatants. Yet in most series, all we ever see is the action relegated to Earth and its problems. Also, one has to wonder how many different versions of Optimus and Megatron's relationship are we going to get with veering into bad fan/slash fic t…

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  • SolZen321

    Greetings users of the Macross Wiki. I'm SolZen321 and I am the founder of the Super Robot Fanon Wiki . It's small and not even a year old, but all are welcome.

    It's a Wiki for any and all fans of Super Robots, such as Gundam, Macross, Transformers, Tetsujin 28 to come and write their own fan faction. Or you can create your own fiction altogether, your own series. Despite its name you can also write a plain Science Fiction fiction if you so desire.

    I only ask that you follow the rules of the Wiki, which to some them up, Sign your work ( put your user name as a category or put it in the page title in brackets), respect other users, act responsibly and do not plagarize from each other. If you have other fiction on another website, you can lin…

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