Hey guys, I'm here to ask a question. No I'm not saying they should get rid of Optimus and Megatron instead, I'm here to ask a question that ran through my mind.

In almost all Transformer shows, the two main characters, the leader of the good guys and the big bad, are Optimus and Megatron respectively. I'm wondering, would a show where they aren't the immediate center of attention work?

Think of it this way, the Autobot/Decepticon war, is suppose to be cosmic in scale, spanning many worlds and many combatants. Yet in most series, all we ever see is the action relegated to Earth and its problems. Also, one has to wonder how many different versions of Optimus and Megatron's relationship are we going to get with veering into bad fan/slash fic territory (no, just no).

What do you think a series like...say the beginning of the Infiltration story in IDW, where there is one team of Autobots on Earth while other battles are taking place elsewhere in the universe. Of course Prime and Megatron would eventually get involved, but that would after things have escalated. It would allow for greater exploration of the Universe, lore and give more for more ideas/imagination.

I personally think Transformers in an on screen space opera fashion would be interesting (no, not like Energon or Cybertron and I'm not holding my breath for T5). Or some more of an anthology series, where we get to see other characters/teams and their battles across the galaxy.

What do you guys think and also if you want a place to write, general Super Robot fiction, try my [[1]]

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