Prowl met het fusiekanon (33)

Prowl with the fusion cannon

Prowl heeft de Matrix
Prowl Powermaster

Prowl as a Powermaster


Prowl could also be replaced by Roof

Prowl 047 JPG

Prowl is a tape deck

Custom design of new toys favorite Autobot Prowl

Prowl by Sonny van der Heijden was chosen as the new Autobot and military strategist, he felt that a new Prowl chance should get instead Scavenger afschoot him, why Sonny has a few new Prowlen worked hard.

And a Prowlen created custom.To prove to HASBRO that prowl there must come.

Prowl's body was then sent it to the red sun. But his mind was copied and was given a new body is brought about. Sonny designs these bodies Prowl of custom as to Hasbro to make clear that Prowl half part can be given.

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