Prowl (41)

Prowl with the fusion cannon

Prowl with the fusion cannon

Prowl in the Transformers the movie the one that attack Megatron survived, he saw Optimus Prime and Megatron fighting each other, after Optimus Prime, Megatron defeated and also seriously injured, and Soundwave Megatron who wore away, was Megatron's fusion cannon forgotten. That was not forgotten Prowl and picked Megatron's fusion cannon and placed Prowl the fusion cannon on his arm and thus drove Prowl the Decepticons.

SAM 3049

Prowl picks up the fusion cannon

--Sonny van der Heijden (talk) 21:53, January 4, 2013 (UTC)
Prowl met het fusiekanon (33)

MP-17 Prowl with the fusion cannon

MP 17 Prowl

Prowl MP 17 with the fusion gun Megatron

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