That's right, guys - my first contest!!!!! It's going to be a LEGO Hero Factory topic. With it being Hero Factory, It can be anything. It cannot, however, have any BIONICLE related information. Simply create a biography for this guy explaining his history, powers, tools, enemies, homeplace/world, ETC.. I'll be sending in several images and a 360 degrees video of him very soon... and all entries are due by December 22nd. The winning contestant will be revealed the next day... and that person will become the "Most creative user as of now" on the Custom Hero Factory Wiki! This is a rare offer, and I will usually host a contest two or three times a year. This is one of them! Your username will stay on the front page until we host another contest. You have to make at least one or five edits on the site, however. I will make the entry page on the site as well very soon. More info about it is coming soon! LINK:

NO entries are due until pictures and videos I made are out

--Lord Starscream - Farewell to my friend, TheSlicer 01:13, November 24, 2010 (UTC)Starscream7

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