• Wikiman117

    Other worlds

    October 7, 2012 by Wikiman117

    ok here is how i see cartoons and their canon like Transformers Animated for example in the true universe of that series optimus is not the leader of the autobots (that just ruins it for me) in another universe just like that one only optimus is the leader of the autobots or that the decepticons won the great war. Pretty much the posibilities are endless another example is Transformers Prime in another universe just like that one autobot and decepticon presence on earth is public knowledge. And finally in G1 movie that Megatron chose to attack the moon base where Optimus was and destroyed the base and killed the autobots at the base instead of going for Autobot City or that Blaster did not send the distress call to the moon base leading to…

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  • Wikiman117

    New Autobot and Decepticon

    September 2, 2012 by Wikiman117

    before i begin these are two new characters that i think would fit well in the transformers franchise starting with a new autobot named Mega.

    Mega was once an explorer who's bestfriend was Skyfire a scientist. Skyfire had to carry Mega between worlds when exploring the galaxy due to Mega having a ground vehicle mode Mega Skyfire and many explorers were exploring the galaxy when the war broke out all explorers immediately returned to cyberton and joined the autobots Mega lacked battling skills during the course of the war Sentinel and Optimus Prime trained Mega into an unstopable fighter while Ironhide trained Mega to be the best sharpshooter in cybertron. While Que built a plasma gun for Mega to use after training Mega jumped into the front…

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