before i begin these are two new characters that i think would fit well in the transformers franchise starting with a new autobot named Mega.


Mega was once an explorer who's bestfriend was Skyfire a scientist. Skyfire had to carry Mega between worlds when exploring the galaxy due to Mega having a ground vehicle mode Mega Skyfire and many explorers were exploring the galaxy when the war broke out all explorers immediately returned to cyberton and joined the autobots Mega lacked battling skills during the course of the war Sentinel and Optimus Prime trained Mega into an unstopable fighter while Ironhide trained Mega to be the best sharpshooter
in cybertron. While Que built a plasma gun for Mega to use after training Mega jumped into the frontline and killed hundreds to thousands of Decepticons Mega was added to a small team of Autobots consisting of Jolt Arcee Elita-One Chromia Prowl and Skyfire the team had been sent on numerious missions that included capturing decepticon commanders rescuing captured autobots raiding decepticon supplies and taking down decepticons that were ripping apart the autobot army during the course of the war Mega was told by Optimus Prime that if something happens to him Mega has his permission to be the leader of the autobots soon after a successful raid Mega had felt something inside when he was near Arcee. Mega found out that it was because he had feelings for her which would explain the points on why he took shots that were meant for Arcee and carrying her when she was damaged and couldn't move near the end of the war Mega was a gunner in the ark while Sentinel was attempting to escape cybertron with the pillars but Mega was shot by a decepticon drone and fell back to the surface of cybertron and losing his left arm in the process Arcee Elita-One and Chromia found him and carried him (and his nearby arm) back to the final autobot base on cybertron while Jolt and some autobots provided cover fire for the three autobots carrying Mega to the Medical bay for Ratchet to fix Mega up after getting his arm reattached Ratchet taught Mega some basic Med skills. When the Allspark was launched from cybertron Mega quickly searched distant planets for the Allspark killing many decepticons he found in the process when Bumblebee had called in for assistance Mega Ratchet Ironhide Jazz and Optimus arrived on earth. Mega had crashed into a warehouse that criminals were inside of with both hostages and stolen loot before the SWAT team could do a thing except for exiting the swat vans Mega crashed into the warehouse knocking out all the criminals in the process Mega quickly exited the Warehouse and scanned a swat van and left to find the others.
Mega vehicle mode
On the way to mission city Mega activated his sirens to have more maneuvering space while Ironhide and Ratchet protected Sam as he ran towards the building with statues Mega fought off Starscream Blackout Barricade and his evil brother Proto (who kept optimus busy so optimus would be delayed in arriving) Mega had badly damaged Barricade and blinded Barricade with a stop sign while a blind Barricade escaped to repair his eyes Starscream left to shoot down the helicopter that was supposed to take the allspark Blackout soon left to assist Megatron leaving the brothers to fight Proto had made a tactical retreat after Megatron was killed Mega then returned to the others after the fighting was over to see a dead Jazz (and you can guess where he was and what he was doing when optimus sent his message to other surviving autobots to come to earth.) When demolisher and sideways were spotted in Shanghai Mega helped carry a dead demolisher out of the city when sam mikaela and leo were captured by Grindor Optimus Mega and Bumblebee rescued the three when the autobots were racing to the battle where optimus was fighting three decepticons alone Proto had strict orders to slow down the autobots to buy precious time Mega and the autobots were able to beat Proto and ran to the fighting (since they were nearby) it was to late sam ran out of the woods while Mega provided cover fire for sam and the others to escape Mega then arrived when optimus was brought to the base he revealed what optimus had told him during the war for cybertron and agreed with ironhide after he disagreed with ratchet's suggestion by leaving earth by saying true knowing he was the leader of the autobots now (but that was temporary) while Mega carried Arcee and her sisters away from the bombardment Mega watched as optimus came back to life and waited for optimus to defeat the fallen and used the matrix to revive Elita-One. When the autobots learned of the Ark's location Mega was sent to the moon Ratchet had noticed that Mega has not said a word since the discovery of the Ark and asked him if he was all right Mega responded that he was a little nervous to see sentinel after getting shot out of the Ark. When sentinel revealed his true colors Mega shot at Sentinel while the traitor destroyed all the vehicles and troops in the base. during the battle of chicago Mega shot down numerous Decepticon drones (and yes he got captured by powerful decepticon drones) and arrived at the bridge with the others when the fighting was over.


A ruthless evil and deadly Cybertronian who impressed the fallen who had noticed that Megatron seemed to be both surprised and impressed so the fallen convinced Megatron to steal the allspark because of this when Proto was sent away from Cybertron Megatron removed Proto's exile status so Proto could join the decepticons Megatron had Soundwave give Proto a machine gun which Proto favored so he could inflict more pain in an autobot Proto mercilessly slaughtered autobots and ripped
them to pieces and took no prisoners and was sent on the most dangeous mission's during the war for cybertron Megatron was secretly impressed by Proto's actions and waited for the day prime would die. During the course of the war while the decepticons were winning after temporarily cutting off all autobot communications throwing the autobot army into chaos causing quadruple casualties for the autobots Proto was rewarded with his own battalion at his command and was informed of the secret deal between megatron and sentinel prime when the Allspark was launched from cybertron Proto chased after the Allspark and killed any autobots that he found looking for the cube with his battalion and due to a tracking device Proto found the Ark and had his troops to take the pillars and ordered them to wait for him to return when the time to strike was initiated then left to earth Proto arrived at a military base that blackout was attacking and scanned a vehicle and fled with blackout when the location of the allspark was revealed proto barricade and bonecrusher chased after the autobots on a highway and kept optimus busy before megatron ordered the decepticons to attack Proto then quickly located Mega and attacked his brother when the other decepticons left the fighting Proto fought Mega for the first time in years when Megatron was killed (and since proto only goes for tactical retreats) proto made a tactical retreat and fled. Proto was with the decepticons that went to revive Megatron and later was ordered to stall the autobots near the battle in the forest and stalled the autobots long enough for megatron to kill prime but was damaged and retreated just as the boy ran towards the autobots Proto then participated in the battle of egypt and killed some of the human soldiers and arrived at the solar harvester and was with Starscream when he convinced Megatron to flee (and if i were MB if i were directing the transformers
Proto vehicle mode
films also since i hate the man to) Proto found a human named galloway while fleeing from the battle zone Proto crushed the human's head and fled. Since the solar harvester was destroyed Proto guarded the camp where Megatron was staying at while he recovers when sentinel activated the pillars Proto returned to the moon and informed his battalion that the time to strike was now and returned to earth with his battalion and ordered them to (due to the fact that proto was allowed to select the city to attack and secure) head for chicago by sending them the cities coordinates when proto megatron and sentinel arrived in chicago proto's battalion attacked chicago then proto slaughtered humans while his battalion attacked chicago the next day when the autobots were still alive proto lead his soldiers to capture the autobots when the prisoners were freed proto shot at the autobots for a bit then he saw Megatron heading to the bridge where both Primes were fighting Megatron addmitted to Proto that if something were to happen to him he has Megatron's permission to take Megatron's place as leader of the decepticons Proto was standing on a building and watched while Megatron was killed by optimus some surviving decepticons arrived bowed down and asked their new leader what his orders were Proto then ordered the surviving decepticons to go back into hiding when the time is right the decepticons will strike again then the surviving decepticons fled chicago and began to hide in places around the world. (Again)

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