The Velocitron band is a group of neutral Transformers from the planet of Velocitron in the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy.

What kind of Transformers society evolves the need for a trombone player?

The Velocitron band is a group of no fewer than fifteen Transformers who appear to perform at important racing events on the planet Velocitron.

Led by a drum major, the band consists of four cymbalists, three snare drummers, two bass drummers, a trombone player, a saxophone player, a musician on an unidentified brass instrument, and at least four others.

One cymbalist and one snare drummer seem to be female.


Animated continuity

Cybertron cartoon

The Velocitron band was hired (or required) to perform at the opening ceremonies for the final Planet Cup race. Their brass section could be heard playing at the time. Champion

Their further activities (and any additional performances) are unknown.

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