The name or term Venom refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Venom (disambiguation).
Venom is a character from the Marvel portion of the Crossovers series.


Blah blah blah eat brains blah lethal protector blah. Do we get our paycheck now? We have over twenty crossovers to be in, you know.

As Scourge is to Optimus Prime, Venom is to Spider-Man. It seems that superheroes can also get black repaints. Go figure. Doctor Doom built him a transforming battlesuit, apparently thinking it was a good idea. He's quite fond of it, as it allows him to go incognito. Evidently Earth's law enforcement personnel haven't quite clued in to the fact that his insignia is painted across the hood.



  • Venom (Marvel, 2008)
Venom Crossovers Toy

No, he is not Downshift.

Mister brain-guzzling lunatic becomes a gas-guzzling muscle car.
Astonishingly, he's not a redeco of Spider-Man, but he does get a redeco as Carnage. Yes, in a reversal of the trend, that makes him a black character who gets a red repaint.
His transformation will drive you insane.
The toy fires missiles from above the back of his hands—the same spot from which Venom in the comics shoots his webbing.


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