Victory is Sweet is an online game that can be found on its' own individual webpage. The link to the game is found on an advertisement spot on the official Hasbro's Transformers website.


The player takes control of Bumblebee in first-player mode. He must destroy three beacons while fighting numerous Decepticon drones. The final boss is Starscream at the final level, where you switch to Optimus Prime. There are 7 levels in total.


  • Regular shooters: they are the weakest weapon yet. You begin with regular shooters at the first level. They do not ever run out of ammunition.
  • Rocket shooters: average firepower that shoots out rockets. they run out slowly.
  • Plasma cannon: the best weapon that shoots out green-colored bursts of plasma. they run out quickly.


You can collect Push-Pops and candy rings for bonus points. This is a reference to the game's title.


  • The game is highly similar to the Call of Duty series.
  • The player chooses either to transform or stay in robot or vehicle mode. Vehicle mode's benefit is speed, and robot mode's benefit is the ability to shoot. You cannot however transform as Optimus Prime.
  • There are gas tanks either connected to trucks or stored in containers scattered across the game in every level. If the player shoots at them, then they explode and if the player is near the explosion, will get deduction in energy.
  • There is a count of how many enemies you kill in a row without dying on a chart at the top left corner called Multi.
  • The beacons are most likely a reference to the space bridge pillars in the Dark of the Moon film.

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