With a brand as large as Transformers, it is surprising how few video games have been produced for it. Further, around half of those were released solely for the Japanese market.

Generation One games

Beast Era games

Unicron Trilogy games

Movie games

Online games

For further information, see: Online games


Though not a Transformers game, the Konami PS2 game DreamMix TV: World Fighters - only released in Japan - features Transformers as both playable characters and cameos. Due to copyright issues, it is highly unlikely that the game will ever leave that country.

In the 90s, a game based on Generation 2 was supposedly in development for the Super NES console, but the project was dropped. It has been rumored that this project then evolved into the SNES SuperFX chip enabled game Vortex, largely due to timing and the fact that the game involved a polygon-based transforming robot.


There is a new Transformers game coming out soon. Developed by High Moon Studios, and being published by Activision, Transformers: War for Cybertron is set for release on June 22, 2010. The listed Genres appear to indicate it as a shooter (perhaps like the Revenge of the Fallen game), and utilizing a unique style of Generation 1 and Movie hybrid designs.

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