Viewfinder is the sinister spymaster who leads the Reflector trio. He's a master of observation - there's nothing he loves more than watching someone and dissecting their flaws. He doesn't just use his skills to advance the Decepticon cause, mind you; he's also an unrepentant blackmailer of his Decepticon comrades. His only problem is that he's so smug and self-assured that he's incapable of recognizing his own flaws.


Marvel Comics continuity

American cartoon continuity

Dreamwave comics continuity

IDW comics continuity

When the Relector trio crashed their starship into the remote planet LV-117, Viewfinder was impaled with a shard of viewport, killing him. The Autobot Wheelie later stumbled on his corpse, still sitting in his command chair. Spotlight: Wheelie


Generation One

  • Reflector (Decepticon, 1986)
Viewfinder turns into the center part of the camera.

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