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   Appears: Marvel UK beginning in 1986

Vos was one of the many city-states on Cybertron that had existed before the beginning of the Great War.


Marvel Comics

Vos was ruled by a shadowy cabal that propped up Starscream as its figurehead.

In the closing days of the Golden Age, many of the city-states had rivalries with their neighbors, thus laying the foundation for much of the conflict that followed.

In an attempt to channel this competition, an Overlord had created a series of Arena Tournaments with the intent to quell the unrest between the city-states and bring them closer together. His efforts failed and war broke out between Vos and its rival, Tarn.

Shortly thereafter, Vos and Tarn annihilated each other with a volley of missiles. Megatron put the blame on Iacon for starting the conflict and recruited many of its survivors into his fledgling Decepticon army. State Games

IDW comics

As Megatron recruited his Decepticon army from the gladiatorial games, he mentioned some of the home cities of the combatants, including Vos. Megatron Origin

Movie continuity

Vos is the home city of Grindcore.

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