Transformers: War for Cybertron for the Nintendo DS comes in two versions; Autobots and Decepticons. Both games are produced by Vicarious Visions.


This games are played in the third person, and aren't as much of a shooter as their cousins on the consoles. Unlike the console versions, you can only have two characters on your team, but you can switch The two on the fly by tapping the insignia on the touch screen. All characters have one ranged attack via a gun of some sort, as well as a close range melee attack. Each weapon does a particular type of damage: Plasma (red circle), Laser (yellow triangle), and Solid (blue square). Some Characters can upgrade their weapons to do two kinds of damage at once. Certain enemies are weak to different damage types, and some can change their weaknesses. Additionally, all of the games thirty characters are classified by their vehicle modes. The tanks and trucks from the console versions have been consolidated to the Heavy class, the cars are the Light class, and the jets are in the Air class.

Single Player Missions

Story Mode

Each game has a story mode with 8 missions. Like the console versions, the Decepticon Story occurs chronologically before the Autobot one. Completing a mission earns you whatever collectibles you've found (see below). Also see below for a synopsis.


Both Games include five arenas.


Through the course of reqular story mode, characters of the opposite faction can be unlocked to play as in the arenas or in these bonus missions. They consist of four of the story mode missions from the other version.


Bots lost in multiplayer can be recued here in one of several random maps.


Through the DS's local wireless connection, one can play with up to three others in a multiplayer match.

Ante Game

In an Ante Game, players each wager one of their bots. Whoever wins keeps their bot and unlocks the other one as well. If they already have that bot, they can overide their own data with this new one. Whoever loses will lose access to their bot untill they rescue it in Rescue Mode.


As stated above, there are 30 playable transformers (15 Autobots, 15 Decepticons). There are 8 Light characters, 10 Air characters, and 12 Heavy ones. Light Characters can drive through small openings, Air characters can fly over stuff, and Heavies can plow through some walls.

Two characters are availiable from the start of each game (for a total of four). Other characters are awarded for completing missions or for finding their data disks in a level. 10 characters (5 in each game) are unlocked after completing an arena. All thirty can be unlocked in one game via winning them in multiplayer (in fact it is required for a 100% complete).

Characters gain experience from defeating enemies and collecting energon cubes in missions. The maximum level is 20. Each level up gives you a point towards increasing one of your characters stats. Each character has three of the availiable six stats open for upgrading. The rest can be modified in a non-permanent way using data disks. Additionally, raising a stat by enough points will upgrade the bot, with things such as increased health, energy, or an extra type of damage.


Name: Megatron - Class: Heavy (tank) - Melee: Solid (energon mace) - Ranged: Plasma (Fusion Cannon)

Name: Brawl - Class: Heavy (tank) - Melee: Laser (Energon War Hammer) - Ranged: Solid

Name: Starscream - Class: Air (surprisingly playskool triangle jet) - Melee: Solid (dual swords) - Ranged: Laser (dual)

Name: Skywarp - Class: Air (triangle jet) - Melee: Plasma (Saber) - Ranged: Laser

Name: Thundercracker - Class: Air (triangle jet) - Melee: Laser (Hammer) - Ranged: Plasma

Name: Onslaught - Class: Heavy (Armored Truck) - Melee: Solid (Energon Hammer) - Ranged: Laser

Name: Ramjet - Class: Air (Stealth Plane) - Melee: Solid (Energon Hammer) - Ranged: Plasma-Laser

Name: Dragstrip - Class: Light (Car) - Melee: Solid (Club) - Ranged: Plasma-Laser (Dual)

Name: Dirge - Class: Air (forward swept-wing jet) - Melee: Solid (Polearm type thing) - Ranged: Plasma

Name: Soundwave - Class: Heavy (truck) - Melee: Solid (Axe and Shield) - Ranged: Plasma

Name: Barricade - Class: Light (Car) - Melee: Solid (Dual Billy-Club-like things) - Ranged: Laser (Dual)

Name: Motormaster - Class: Heavy (Six-Wheel Rig) - Melee: Solid (Sword) - Ranged: Plasma

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