Weapon 925 is a vehicle in the Masterforce portion of Generation One continuity.
Weapon 925

I dunno about you, but I think Mega's just lonely...

Weapon 925 is a small submarine used to ferry human-sized passengers. It can be operated by remote control, and is capable of traveling swiftly around the world.

It carries prominent Decepticon signage.

Note: Though referred to as Weapon 925, the onscreen display of the security system clearly labels it as Weapon 425. Perhaps 425 is the security scanner?


Masterforce cartoon

Mega and Giga summoned the Decepticon Pretenders and Headmaster Juniors to an early-morning cliffside rendezvous. They sent their remote-control submarine Weapon 925 to pick the Decepticons up in Japan and ferry them to the underwater entrance to Mega and Giga's cliffside laboratory.

It was scanned and recognized by their security system before the doors opened. Super Warriors - The Godmaster Brothers

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