Wendell is a human in the Generation One continuity family.
Wendel bagboy

Civilization, are we really civilized? Go ahead, Mr. Wendell.

Wendell is the whole package. He's got cheekbones to die for and a killer butt. So what if he has no higher ambition in life than to work as a bagboy at Wild Bill's Market? That just means he's settled, right? So why won't Charlene go out with him? He's tried all the usual tactics; inviting himself back to her apartment, paying for her car repairs, stalking her in the parking lot to discover who else she's seeing- the works!

Chicks. Go figure.


Marvel Comics (US)

Wendell offered to drive his co-worker Charlene home after work since her car had recently died, but she wanted to go off and explore some dusty old trails instead. She ran across a busted-up old van (actually the Autobot Skids) and Wendell, looking forward to driving Charlene home every night, seeing her to the door, maybe coming in for drinks... reluctantly admitted he had a cousin Bob that owned a garage in town.

In an attempt to recoup his losses, Wendell paid for the repairs to Charlene's new van, but she continued to ditch him at every opportunity. Poor sod.

When Skids later left with Donny Finkleberg to rejoin the Autobots he advised Charlene to hook up with Wendell. She didn't seem very enthusiastic about the idea. Showdown!

Associated Characters

Cousin Bob

Bob runs 'Bob's Service,' a garage in Wendell and Charlene's hometown. A reasonably gifted mechanic, Bob repaired the damage to Skids and put it on Wendell's tab.

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